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Our professional team is here to guide our patients and their families every step of the way throughout their health journeys. Schedule this service today to ensure that you’re ready for what’s ahead.

Individuals and Families: Our Services
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Talking about services related to the Autism Spectrum is complicated.    We recognize that trying to capture a broad range of individuals under this one label is impossible.   Our goal is to work with individuals; labels aside.  We will work with the full array of strengths and challenges that  present themselves with a clear goal of increasing that individual's access to the fullest life experience possible.

We utilize the principles of ABA.  ABA is the evidenced based practice for supporting individuals with an ASD and is built on the following foundation:

  • Goals should be meaningful and address socially significant concerns of the client and family

  • Clients have a right to efficient and effective services

What does this mean?
Our services  are designed to increase a broad set of skills that will allow an individual to engage more fully in their family, school or community life and decrease behaviors that are problematic or limit access to important activities or environments.
Good Behavioral consultation begins with a strong relationship.  It is within this kind of relationship that we can foster the kind of close collaboration that is required to identify clear goals and agree upon interventions that fit the needs of the client, the family, the school, and the community.  
Based on assessment, individuals receive an individualized program with a clinically recommended amount of  services.  
Depending on need clients may be recommended for intensive individual services, small group environment or some combination of the two. 

Drawing Together


Individualized Services
When you choose to work with us, that choice is an honor and we take our role seriously.  We make every effort to identify the primary caregivers, clinicians, and educators currently in your child’s life, as well as the environments in which they live, learn, and play, to create a right-fit intervention that makes sense and fits your child’s needs as well as your family culture. 

The Role of the Family
Families have a wealth of input that can be invaluable in selecting from the range of possible interventions.  You have seen your child through assessments and over obstacles, and you have a rich picture of what interventions have worked and what have not.  Consulting with you as parents and caregivers allows us to be efficient and effective in our problem solving process.  Additionally, it is critical to understand the cultural values and preferences that inform the way each individual is situated in the world, and it is essential that we acknowledge the importance of supporting the child in the context of the world in which he or she will live.  

The Role of the Child
It is beneficial to the whole team when the child herself can have a role in the process.  At the very least, the client can help us understand her preferences, but at the most, the child can be an active member of the team, helping direct goals and objectives and opinions related to which approaches would be preferred, and therefore more likely to succeed.

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General Philosophy:  It is our intent to offer services that are  evidence-based, collaborative and designed to build motivation and provide skills around self-management and social relationships.  We work through a developmental and cognitive/behavioral lens. All of these services are provided by appropriately licensed clinical staff.

Issues addressed:

  • ADHD

  • Anxiety

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Depression

  • Developmental issues of childhood and adolescence

  • School refusal

  • School performance

  • Family conflict (Young children and adolescent)

  • Parenting

  • Family Therapy

If you are interested in any of these services please contact us.  We start groups when we have enough interested participants within age groupings so even if we are not running a group now let us know you would be interested.

Individuals and Families: Features
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