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Image by MI PHAM
Image by Gaelle Marcel


When we work with children or adolescents, the one thing we are sure of is that families are a crucial link in the work we do.  While we may work with a client for an hour or a couple hours each week, that client will spend most of their time with a family system that is the back bone of their support.  Our goal is to maintain a highly collaborative relationship marked by a shared vision of where we are heading and how we should get there.


Even though our client’s often come to us because something is not going the way they might hope. We believe that everyone has a host of strengths that can be drawn on to help find solutions.  As we work to try and solve problems we don’t ever want to lose sight of the many inherent strengths that make up the core of every person and family.


Our clients and their families have the right to services that are efficient and effective.  We all live busy and stressful lives and we owe it to the people we work with to make sure that the time they spend with us feels productive.  Because of this we set clear attainable goals, use data to measure our progress and make changes based on  that progress. We want to make sure we know what is working so we can keep doing it and when something is not working we need to change our plan.

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