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Meet Our Clinical Team



Co-Founder and C0-Director

Michelle Santangelo has an MS in Autism Studies and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  Michelle is currently the Clinical Director of the BEL Center.  She oversees all clinical services, working closely with children, families, BEL Center staff and other organizations, providing both direct services and program oversight.  She provides clinical training and supervision to those seeking certification in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Previous to her role as a founding partner of the BEL Center, Michelle worked as the Behavior Specialist at a school for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and provided assessment, consultation, and program planning for students ranging in age from 11-22.  Prior to this, Michelle worked at a large agency in Massachusetts that provided a wide range of behavioral services.  In this role, Michelle worked with individuals with Autism Spectrum Diagnoses with varying skills and behavioral needs.   A large portion of this earlier work involved providing home-based Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention services for young children with ASD and their families.  Michelle is also a certified Montessori teacher, trained to provide educational programming for children ranging in age from 18 months to 12 years.

As part of Michelle's Master's program, she conducted a program evaluation for a large agency that provided comprehensive support services for young adults on the Autism Spectrum focusing on independent living, social  and vocational skills.  Part of this work involved helping the agency analyze the effectiveness of it's coaching program, for which she also provided direct coaching services.  

​Michelle has an active Pilates and mindfulness practice.  She has two children in college and an enthusiastic dog, and has lived in Western Massachusetts for over 20 years.  When not working, she can usually be found hiking, or painting or knitting fireside while watching birds.



Co-Founder and Co-Director

Jim is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. He is currently the Executive Director of the BEL Center, where he oversees programming, working closely with children, families, BEL Center staff and other organizations, providing both direct services and general oversight. 

Prior to his role as a founding partner of the BEL Center, Jim was the onsite behavioral consultant for a local K-6 elementary school.  His role there enabled him to work closely with students, parents, teachers and support staff to support student success at school.

​Jim has been been providing therapy and behavioral consultation services to individuals, schools and families for the last 15 years. After a number of years working in alternative educational settings, Jim spent 10 years working in community mental health providing therapy for a wide range of youth and families.  In addition to providing therapy, he spent time working on a local mental health crisis team and was the program coordinator for the children's crisis team.  

Between 2005 and 2011 Jim was the School Services Supervisor, providing clinical and behavioral consultation to schools and clinicians throughout Windham County, Vermont.  

Between 2003 and 2011, Jim created and ran a therapeutic recreation summer program for local youth.  This 10 person pilot program eventually grew into a program serving as many as 100 local youth each summer. 



Center-based Program Lead

Corinna has been working at the Bel Center for four years, currently under the title of Supervising Behavior Therapist and Program Leader. Before coming to the BEL Center, Corinna gained years of experience working in preschool settings, and later worked with students as a paraprofessional at a public elementary school.  

Corinna is best known for her ability to work with clients of a range of ages and abilities, and every client under her care and guidance has made exceptional progress. She has been praised for her ability to train and support future behavior therapists because of her deep technical skillset, natural leadership, and people-oriented approach. 

After recognizing her passion for early education, Corinna worked to complete the RBT training modules, as well as a handful of courses in early education and childhood development, including ESDM methodologies and extensive PECS training. She is also well versed in Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking curriculum. 

When she’s not working with clients at the BEL Center, Corinna loves to spend time with her two young children, ride horses, and even do a little bit of gardening.



Behavior Therapist

Kelvine has been working at the BEL Center since the Spring of 2022, as an assistant and currently as a Behavior Therapist. Thanks to the BEL Center, she has been introduced to the ABA method for the first time in her career.

Prior to this role, Kelvine worked as a Special Educator substitute in France for 13 years, providing support to people with a wide range of ages and needs. She worked at special schools, at home, in Institutions, during summer camps, in group and with individuals, in team and independently, and what she loves the most in her work is to always try to find the best pedagogic way to teach and help a person to be more independent and secure. Kelvine attaches importance to developing a respectful and playful relationship with the children before teaching academic skills, and she believes that playing is one of the best tools to learn.  “Learn and have fun” is Kelvine’s motto!

Kelvine earned her diplomas in France.

April 2009: Organizer’s (Counselor) certificate (specialized in ‘’people with disabilities’’)

May 2014: Special Educator diploma (2-year degree at the ITS of Tours, France).

When her mind is not thinking about what game to create for a special person, Kelvine likes to garden and hike, create arts and crafts, and play music (loud on Wednesday nights).



Behavior Therapist

Luke joined the BEL Center in the fall of 2022.  Prior to his work as a Behavior Therapist, Luke was employed by Vernon Village ELP as a preschool/pre-K teacher. The most rewarding part of his life is working in a field that allows him to affect positive change in others’ lives and work closely with and learn from similarly minded people. 

Before Vernon Village Luke was a pre-K teacher at the Mulberry Bush Independent School for 18 years. Working with the same teaching team and Director for such a length of time allowed Luke to provide a very special environment where children flourished and grew not only as students but as individuals as well. 

As a person Luke is quick to smile and laugh. He loves to play basketball and be outside, whether on a hike or at the beach or swimming in a river.  Laughter is very important to Luke, as it helps reduce stress, and makes life more enjoyable. He tries to start every day by reading, listening to, or watching something that makes him laugh.



Behavior Therapist

I joined the Bel Center in the summer of 2022. At first, I had a role of an assistant to give support to everyone in the Bel Center, and now I am a full time Behavior Therapist.

Prior to my role now, I worked as a paraeducator for 5 years in multiple elementary schools, working in pre-K until grade 5 with children who display a wide range of mild to severe special needs. As my prior paraprofessional job, I also worked as an Registered Behavioral Technician and received my RBT certification in 2020. As a Behavior Technician, my role was to provide at home services to children diagnosed with ASD by providing clinical ABA therapy to children with needs.

My goals and values in the work I do is to make a positive impact on the children under my care. With my growing technical and clinical skills in ABA, I strive to create a better future for every client I support and hope to provide them with the right skills and tools to have a successful and independent life as much as possible.

When I’m not working at the Bel Center, I love to spend time with my boyfriend and cat. I love to take hikes and be in nature, watch movies, read and listen to music that makes me happy. I also love traveling to new places and to see family back in Connecticut in my free time.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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